Collisions with flipbook

Im having the hardest time ever with this!
im making a paper 2d fighter which i can eventually turn into the 3d 2d fighter. but i can not get my collision geometry to happen when i play the flipbook. can anyone help me?

im not sure if im missing something but i have changed every setting i think i should.
any help would be appreciated.

and if there is another way to animate this thats esier to had hit boxes im 100% willing to try a different way

also if this is in the wrong place im sorry, ill move it


First of all, you should never use flipbook collision to attack lands. A Sprite can only have one collision in Unreal (unlike in 2D fighting games where there are hit boxes and character boxes). So this one slot should always have character collision. I see that you tried to make a sword swing but it will not work as you have all the collision set to “Block” instead of “Overlap”. Blocking will also have jumpy behavior as it is meant for blocking movement. The way you think is right, but the execution is wrong and it’s normal for a beginner.

Basically you need to keep collision for character only as mentioned above, and then use Trace Channels to detect a hit. Now the hardest part is animating hitboxes as you have to determine their size and location every frame so the Trace Channel follows the character as it moves. Red and Blue Boxes you saw in my youtube videos are basically moving MultiBox Trace Channels. This is what 3D games do aswell. All attacks are mostly trace channels that trigger every frame depending on the player position so the trace follows the player.

Now, since there is no anim notifies for 2D, you have to create your own system to trigger things every frame and check the key frame index at time. This is where everyone struggles and so I did for months before I figured out my own way.

Life of 2D is rough so, good luck.