Collisions not working

Hi people …The title says it all. I have collisions set up on both my ships mesh and my track mesh.Yet They will not collide with one another and simply pass through one another . The only way to make collisions work is to enable physics . :frowning: so annoying lol

Hey @mr_starfire,

Can you show your BP setup? How is collision setup for your ship? How is collision setup for your track?

Another thing to keep in mind - if you are using a Pawn, collision must be set at the root node.

Hi my ship is a pawn with floating pawn component . i also use addactorlocaloffset for forward movement .I have read that this sometimes causes issues ?? I will add my bp try not to be to harsh as i suck at visual scripting lol …Also both my ship mesh and my track mesh are set to block all

Ahh ok i added the mesh to root and now collisions work perfectly well …Thank you

Glad it worked :slight_smile: