Collisions not detected on dynamically added sprites

I am trying to make a dynamically added sprite bars and detect collision for each of them when player steps on them, when collision happens - it will randomly decide to collapse or not.

I am having trouble detecting collisions for them, or more precisely - firing collision events, in my blueprint event graph - none of the events detect any collisions (I assume because they are dynamically added).

Any input/tips/suggestions would be appreciated.

Here is what level idea looks like:

and this is what my current blueprint looks like:

Can’t really understand where are all the collision events that not firing, when you set Rotation/Location and you want events to fire: mark “Sweep”.

UE4 Documentation for bSweep: “Whether we sweep to the destination location, triggering overlaps along the way and stopping short of the target if blocked by something. Only the root component is swept and checked for blocking collision, child components move without sweeping. If collision is off, this has no effect.”

Enjoy and hope this helped :slight_smile:

checking that didn’t work.