Collisions made in 3ds not working in UE4

Good day,

So I’m hoping/praying someone will be able to help. Although I’m familiar with 3ds I’m new to UE4 and the game production pipeline. I spent a good amount of time yesterday trying to figure this out let alone watching videos. For one reason or another I cannot figure this out to save my life and it’s really annoying. More or less I’m using 3ds and I’m trying to import a collision mesh onto a static mesh. I’m starting simple with nothing more than a cube following direction online and it does not work. I more or less want to figure this out for a level I’m creating. If anyone can please tell me what I’m doing wrong I would greatly appreciate it! I would not come to the site unless I needed help!

  1. I Export the static mesh from 3ds into UE4. Everything works perfect.
  2. I import the static mesh from 3ds into UE4. Again, everything works perfect.
  3. I open the static mesh editor and can apply a pre-made collision from UE4 i.e. Box. Again, everything works perfect.
  4. I create a copy of the static mesh and name it UCX_Character001. The static mesh is named Character001.
  5. I exported the collision, saved over the .FBX, reimported in UE4. Again the pre-made collision works fine, but when I activate collision by itself nothing happens.

The process seems so simple, but again it does not work.

Again, thank you for any feedback! I’m certain it’s a simple problem, a problem I’d really like to move past!

Have you already tried to import the mesh + collision mesh normally? -> so without replacing the old one. Also make sure to disable “one convex hull per…” in your import settings.
Is the mesh + collision mesh in the same file? :slight_smile:

Also take a look at this tutorial: It should work the same in 3ds

You can’t just use your mesh as a collision mesh, there are certain requirements for how a collision mesh is constructed.

Your collision mesh probably has missing (deleted) faces from optimizing it for the engine. Collision meshes need to be whole.

Thanks guys! As I mentioned to I’m new to the site and UE4. I’m loving it thus far!

  • I export the static mesh (Character001) nothing more than a cube called Character001 as a .FBX file. I import Character001 into UE4. I then create a copy of the static mesh (Character001) in 3ds , again nothing more than a cube, however name it UCX_Character001 rather than Character001 (following UE4naming convention). I export UCX_Character001, saving over the original static mesh. I then reimport the .FBX onto the static mesh in UE4. Open up the static mesh editor, click Collision and nothing happens.

The static mesh and collision mesh are exported seperately. I have yet to try and export them together. I did try and and import the .FBX file w/ the collision mesh attached into UE4 and receive a crazy error…
“Failed to import ‘…/ …/ …/ …/ …/ …/Users/Desktop/Sci-Fi_Level_UE4/Export/Character001.FBX’. Failed to create asset ‘/Game/Sci-Fi/Meshes/Character001’”

Sorry for the confusion, but what do you mean when you say, “Have you already tried to import the mesh + collision mesh normally?”

Also, I did disable, “One Convex Hull Per UCX.” :slight_smile:

  • Thanks for the link. As mentioned to figher5347 I created a copy of the original static mesh which is nothing more than cube which I named UCX_Character001 (following UE4naming convention) listed on the link you provided.

HaxO - The collision mesh is nothing more than a copy of a cube (so it’s whole). That being said all the faces are there and facing (no pun intended) in the right direction.

I have pictures on a thumb drive, but can’t attach them to better explain my problem. I can work on getting them onto a URL to attach later today after work.

Again, thanks guys!

With that I mean everything in one file -> collision + collision mesh :slight_smile:

Here is a video that shows a really basic collision process from 3ds : ?v=Q_RQov5wgQg& (keep in mind that this way just works with really basic meshes -> the requirements that darthviper mentioned)

When you still cant get it to work, you could upload the file somewhere and we can take a look at it :slight_smile:

  • Sorry if you get this again; I’m still getting used to the site.

I apologize for not responding last night, long story short I got back to my house much later than expected. Regardless, I wanted to thank you not only for all your help, but for the video you made. I know we all are short on time, so trust when I state I appreciate you!

I believe I figured out the issue. I didn’t know you could export both the static and collision mesh together. Even when I created a unique collision mesh different than the static mesh it worked! :cool:

Now I just need to work on learning UV Mapping and Textures and I’ll be good to go!

Again, thank you for everything! You’re AWESOME!

p.s. I’m subscribing to your YouTube channel tonight!

Good to hear that it worked :slight_smile: Thx for subscribing. When you get any other problems, just post them into the forum and we will help you :wink:

So when you exported the mesh you made copy of it?.. in 3dsmax… changed it to UCX_NAme etc and when you exported it it had collision?..
this worked for me but when i did this in 3dsmax it only had one section of the mesh was collidable … Next version i found and followed the whole thing was collidable…

if were supposed to make the mesh 1 peice or 50… then on each piece we are supposed to make another mesh(collision version) and then make sure NONE of them intersect IE on a house…
Wall a b c d and roof = UCX_Wall_a, UCX_Wall_B and so on??..