Collisions issue when rolling wheel on flat spline mesh components (road).Attached Project

I set up a simple project to highlight the problem I have.
A simple cylinder, when rolling over a flat spline mesh component setup has a noticeable jitter on the Z axis when passing from one road segment to another. My full project is a suspension simulation and this problem is quite obvious.
Any advice on how to fix this will help me a lot.

  • on the project, drag the slider left or right to make the cylinder rotate

oneDrive link, project has 1MB, could not upload here:!Ah9Mcw1R32UFgshXCml-qC3hZt1VSQ

Hey, i got this problem too, did you come up with a solution?

Hey, just tested with 4.21.1, and still no fix. On my side I had to switch the entire vehicle implementation and I currently use WheeledVehicle class :frowning:

Fix used to be changing Contact Offset Multiplier: Rolling ball jumps on flat surface - Unreal Engine Forums

But it seems with 4.20/ 4.21 PhysX was updated and this no longer solves the issue.

Solution used to be set the following in Project Settings:

  • Contact Offset Multiplier = 0.02
  • Min Contact Offset = 0.01
  • Max Contact Offset = 0.05

This should help a little bit but Epic updated the PhysX implementation and now there’s a minimum ContactOffset forced by the engine that causes objects to jump or “catch” when moving from one rigid body to another. I detailed it a little more here: