Collisions going through cloth simulation


I’ve been trying for a week to get a cloth simulation right for a long dress, to no avail: the legs of my character go through the cloth no matter the settings I try.
Here are four pictures showing the problem: the foot and calf are pushing the cloth just fine until, at some point, the cloth slips on the calf discovering the body mesh.
The pictures clearly show the collision capsules from my clothing simulation physical asset working correctly. I only use a tapered capsule for the thigh; the pelvis, calf and foot are normal capsules.
The higher the cloth simulation paint strength the worse it is, to a point at 100 the cloth is flying all over the place. Those pictures were taken at strength 20.
Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

There’s no real help to be had. Cloth has has a bad implementation since always.

The slip is caused by too many collisions on the same area.

As well as the fact that cloth paint back stop has literally never worked how nvidia docs said it needed to work ever. If it did. It would be as simple as adding proper backstop paint.

To fix your issue, dump the cloth simulation entierly.
Weight Paint the cloth to the mesh and have it follow the animation.

Once that’s done, set the cloth paint to a distance of 1. Increase it gradually until you find a good compromise that doesn’t feel too stiff and looks like actual cloth.

If you start to see clipping like that again (your paint distance went too far). Simply set the distance to a lower or even 0 value on the back of both calf.
That will definitely prevent it from digging in behind the capsule.

OBVIOUSLY the downside is that the dress will always move with the steps and possibly even cause artifacts and weirdness when wind blows in it…
that’s why there’s really no help to be had…

I was hoping chaos cloth would change things. It only made them worse so far.

Makes sense mate, I had hoped using a cloth simulation would prevent from weight painting, the most time consuming - and annoying - process in cloth design IMHO, but I followed your suggestion and it definitely helps.

Now I just have to figure out why imports from CC3 are so ugly once cloth painted, or just step up to the plate and weight paint manually in Blender.

Oh well, thanks a lot, I only wish I knew how to close a topic on these boards :cool: