Collisions clipping character causing constant confusion! ;)

Sorry (not sorry) for the humourous title but I have a question about an issue that some of you may be familiar with. Collisions. Specifically, when colliding with an object causes you to become embedded in said object. Here’s my problem:

I’ve setup a BP for a simple door. When I’m outside room 1 and entering room 2, the door opens away from me. No problem. I click the button, open the door, walk through the door, and the door closes once I’ve left the safety of the collision box. No harm, no foul. Here’s where it gets tricky. As long as the room is big enough, and doesn’t have any other items in it to collide with, I can make it out alive… If not, look out.

Picture this: I’m now in room 2, which happens to be a narrow hallway. I have turned 180 degrees, so that I am looking at the door (now closed) that I had just entered through. To the right of the door ahead of me is a mini-fridge. If I could open that door with my mind, it would suddenly swing towards me and stop at a ninety-degree angle from its starting position. Between it and the mini-fridge would be enough for a skinny human to (maybe) squeeze through, but it may be tight.

Now, walking straight ahead at the door, I click the button and the door opens inward. Most times, it swings through me, as long as I’m going at a quick enough velocity. I’m going to guess that this is what they call ‘working as intended’ for the time being. Now, sometimes, if I stop my forward momentum or if I’m standing completely still when triggering the door, it pushes me back with it, and once I hit the mini-fridge, I find myself inside what I like to call door-fridge limbo… I find myself thinking, “Ok, so, this is my life now.”

I was considering embedding a command to temporarily turn off the collision settings on my door, however, as I’ve found out, there is no way to turn off collision in a Scene Component*.*** So, of course, I’m back and at your mercy. (Funny story - I actually temporarily turned off the player collision, which resulted in me being frozen, clicking jump, and then ascending through my ceiling and descending down through the floor. Obviously, not a solution.)

What is the best way to fix this type of issue? Is it a knock-back, so that the player/character is physically removed from the area of influence as the door swings towards him? Is there a way to ‘trick’ the doors in my BP so that they don’t do this? Is there something that I’m missing?

I certainly hope I’m not the first person to come across this issue. I appreciate any and all support!

Thanks for reading!


Ok, so since I could not determine a way of fixing this up, I’ve changed the action of the door. Now, instead of it waiting for the player to exit the hitbox, I’ve rewired the end of the “door open” process and added a 2 second delay, after which, the door closes on its own. This seems to have fixed the issue, as while I still can get stuck inside the door mesh, I only have to wait a tic until it closes and releases the player character from its grasp…