Collisions between Pawns, Actors and Static Meshes

As a relative beginner to UE4, I thought I’d start with a small simple game project, such as Pong, to test the waters. At the moment I’m having some issues dealing with collisions. I’ve placed 4 cube shape meshes as walls for the playing field and created 2 blueprints: a pawn blueprint for the player and an actor blueprint for the ball. My concerns with the collisions are the following:

  1. For the player, I’m using the begin and end overlap events to detect if the player has reached the upper or lower walls, and set boolean variables accordingly. At first, I was convinced that the walls would automatically block the player from going out of bounds, since the player and the walls have their own meshes with colliders. Is there a simpler way to deal with these type of wall collisions?

  2. For the ball, I intended to use the component hit event (since I was planning on using the resulting ‘normal vector’). However, it seems that the event does not fire when it should. As I’ve seen suggested in a couple of posts, I’ve checked the “Simulation Generates Hit Events” parameter in the ball collider, but still nothing happens. Is there something rather obvious that I might be missing here?

Thanks in advance.

This is old, and I’m sure you figured this out already, but it did pop up in google when I was searching for a solution to a similar problem, so here’s what the depicted scenario probably lacks: Collision Filtering - Unreal Engine
The main thing is that overlap and hit events only fire when the colliders properly evaluate to “overlap” or “block”.

Hey Ezzence. It has been indeed quite some time since I had this problem, but as you guessed, I eventually got was able to solve it. Still, the guide you posted seems really helpful for any beginner dealing with collisions (and it’s a really simple and easy read too!). So thank you for your reply!