Collisions and gamecode are active in blueprint component view

Branch: Source
Build: 4.5.0


In my current project, I ended up with two collision components in the same object by mistake, which both collided with the other.

For some reason the attached “OnBeginOverlap” blueprint code was executed, which led to further weird behavior - such as more objects being spawned in the component tab - and (after some more work on the blueprint without realizing the component view was broken) an editor crash on opening the tab, as data was accessed that didn’t even exist at that point.

The fix was to change the collision settings so that the overlap no longer occured, followed by removal of the mistakenly placed collision object.

Is it intended that blueprint code is executed while in the editor?

Hi abeccu,

Thank you for the feedback. This is not intended behavior and it has already been fixed internally. You should see it corrected in a future build. In the meantime changing the collision settings like you have done is the best workaround.