What’s the best way to have collision meshes, the primitives provided within Unreal or a custom mesh which comes down to the same as the primitives but all tight together into one closed mesh? Does it matter?

Please help, I am new to this. It is a schoolproject. Please help and write me my game.


Irony, how does it raise above the surface?

With regards to collision meshes you have a few different option based on how much complexity you require…

  1. You can either let UE4 create these automatically upon mesh import, check the ‘Auto Generate Collision’ option. Or you can not do this and…

  2. Double click the mesh to open the UE4 viewer/editor, click the ‘Collision’ button in the top toolbar and then go to the Collision dropdown menu and add various type of collision primitives. You can view these as purple wireframe on the model, move resize or remove using the standard movement keys and drop down menu. Or you can not do this and…

  3. Create the meshes yourself within the modelling package before import (this is the option I normally go with)… this involves creating new meshes within your modelling project and following the UE naming convention, i.e. UBX_<model name>_00. You can use this and create a box to be used as collision. So for example a model of a table may have 4 stretched boxes for the legs named UBX_Table_00, UBX_Table_01, UBX_Table_02. UBX_Table_03 and and extra one for the table top. The UE4 documentation has information on the naming convention and what shapes you can make with each.

Hoping this helps a bit.

  • Matt.