How can i check if one of my actor in a blueprint is overlapping with terrain?
As long as it is within the terrain collison it should output?

Select a Component you wish should trigger the Overlap
In the Details scroll to bottom (Events) and add Two Events:

Add a Boolean that will change states on both Events to determine wether you are overlapping your Landscape (overlap = True, OverlapEnd = False)

In the Events:
Other Component → Cast to Landscape (there are a few, not sure which one contains collisions so you have to play around)

If anything else from the Landscape will overlap - the code will go over Cast Failed - you can check for further Actors/Components Overlaps in that place


Is there a way i can get the hit result for overlapping actors?

Hmm… A little bit unsure now but let’s see what can be done:

Component Overlaps do not contain Hit Result Struct, you only have Sweep but Sweep is calculated for Root Component so it may fail (depending on Hierarchy)

Event Hit is a separate Event

Now as I write this I understand that you want to call a Hit Event together with Overlaps?

If that’s the case - add a new Component that will check your Overlaps, Event Hit separately for it was really meant for

You cannot really combine them together and you need trickery, if you don’t mind - explain what your System should do and I’ll see what you can do :stuck_out_tongue:

and just btw - there’s a rule to both Hit and Overlaps - both Actor/Component A and B needs this enabled - if one of them will not have it selected it will not trigger

They do, that’s what Sweeping is for:

When you move a component, you can request a sweep:

Sweeping is really powerful if done right. You can move something from A->B, and sweep will detect the in-between collisions.

There are limitations. It may get imprecise over laaaarge distances.

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I am not on my PC right now and that’s why I said “A little bit unsure” and I was unsure about sweeps :smiley:

Thanks for correcting me ^ _ ^

Not 100% sure whether sweeping would be userful for what OP wants, though. It seems that the requirement is to overlap, rather than prevent it.

Anyway, at any point you can always check:


There is also a bunch of nodes I hardly ever see mentioned and they deserve recognition:


Much more performant than firing multi-sphere overlaps over long distances and / or through dozens of entities.

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Yeah, also asked for a bit clarification, makes it easier to think about what could be a good approach