Collision within TileMaps not working?

I can’t seem to figure out how to add collision to tilemaps. I have collision enabled for the layer within the TileMap editor and have tried setting collision to both 2D and 3D physics but neither seems to work.

There is also a warning message within the TileMap editor that says, “collision is enabled but there are no shapes”.

Choosing to show collision within the TileMap (alt+c) does not seem to do anything noticeable.

I know others have used collision boxes but that seems to defeat the purpose of using a tile map.

Is this still considered experimental and non-functional or am I just missing something. Google search didn’t provide much help.

If it says enabled but no shape, that might indicate ( no experience with tilemap features in ue4 at all ) that you neglected to create your shape for the collision ?

That makes the most sense from what you’ve shared so far, and my zero knowledge of how tilemap features work here give I’ve had no need for them so far.


You can set collision type per tile within the tileset but it doesn’t seem to take. Haven’t found anything about collision shapes either. Quite confusing.

Apparently once you select a tile within the tileset editor you will see options in the top right to add shapes. UE4 then recommends using the 3D collision setting, and setting collision to that tile to tight bounding box(but this can vary).

You need to define a collision shape for each tile that you want to have collision in the tile set editor.

Then when you’ve updated some tiles, you can apply the changes to any existing tile maps using the Apply button on the tile set editor toolbar (changes will also take effect if you edit a tile map or create a new one).

Tile maps and tile map collision are an early access preview (a step above experimental), so it is expected to work.

Michael Noland

Editing the collision in 4.9 just crashes for me :\ adding a box will not show up until I close the window and reopen (then I see all my attempts to make a box). It would be nice to be able to edit the Z axixs as well. I am making a 2.5 game like Crash bandicoot but want to use some tilemaps for parts of my map. My main hero is a 3d character and I find myself having to but basic geometry behind my tilesets to achieve my desired collision effect.

Thanks for the help anyway.