Collision with World Displacement

I’m trying to do a line trace that will give me the position of the displaced staticmesh of an actor (animated world displacement via the material) , so i can set the position of an object to that position. (a buoy riding on the surface of an ocean) So far no luck. Using a “Line Trace by Channel” , I am getting a collision, but the “impact Point” position is always the world space position of the actor, not the displaced surface. Any ideas for this? Thanks in advance

World displacement is done on the GPU and you cannot access the displacement with traces or anything like that… there are other ways though (such as running the same displacement math on the cpu).

Check out the WIP Weather & Gerstner Based Ocean Simulation thread for a buoy example. (link in my sig :p)

Cool, that is exactly what I was looking for. I take it, it’s not simply done through blueprints? Is this ok to use for my project? I brought the Ocean assets and plugin into my project to try and it’s working great. I made the buoyancy object an inflatable raft mesh, with collision walls around it so the player can’t walk off, and the raft actual moves around on the ocean surface when you walk into the collision walls. :slight_smile: