Collision with destructible mesh crashes engine.

I have an issue which causes the engine to completely crash - (I have submitted crash reports)

Whenever a player or actor collides with a destructible mesh, the engine shuts down and gives me a crash report.

UE4 answer hub has this HERE.

I tried this and it made no difference. Async on or off, the engine still crashes. Anyone else have this problem or know if 4.1 fixes it?

Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Apologies, I may have posted this in the wrong section.

Hi Kenomica,

I’ve had a similar problem (not sure if the same).

For me it was that I created a pawn blueprint with a sphere as the root component and the DestructibleMesh attached to it. Because I was using BlockAll as the collision on the root sphere anything but Destructible as the collision parameter on the DestructibleMesh whenever I collided with it using my character it would crash UE4.

Make sure that your DestructibleMesh is set to Destructible in it’s collisions might be the issue you’re having.

We found a crash bug related to destructibles in blueprints, it will be fixed in 4.2! Really sorry for the inconvenience.

I been having the same crash issue with the destructibles. In my case the editor crashed when I start the game if there is a blueprint actor with DestructibleMesh component.

Thanks for the heads up, JamesG. Can’t wait for the fix for this issue in the coming 4.2 update! :slight_smile: