Collision with destructible mesh and chunks

Hey, i am quite new to UE4 and can’t figure this one out.

I have a character, that shoots a projectile. If the projectiles hits the static mesh (Obstacle_SM_BP), it applies damage to it eventually fracturing it. So far so good.

However my Character will not collide with the static mesh it hits (or any other). However when the SM gets fractured, my character collides with the chunks of the SM. It should be the other way around though!

So how do i set up my collision correctly? Screenshots attached.

Note: My character is flaying at the same speed from left to right. It eventually hits obstacles, which should fracture when hit by the character or shot enough times. The debris and chunks from the obstacles should not collide with the character or projectiles though.

Thanks for your help, i am really becoming insane over this. :smiley: