Collision while attaching actor to component on server and client.

I’ve been working on vehicle system lately where players are able to get in/out ( by possessing ) the vehicles while their real pawns are placed on the seat.

I’ve managed to make everything working server-side for both client and server, but the placement is visually wrong on the client.

Basically, when the client enters a car, the collision of him/her is not disabled ( it’s only disabled on the server ), so the placement of human and car is different on both machines.

When I tried to make it work via multicast ( server is sending info about attaching actor to component and disabling collisions of this actor ) it works only for the server ( everyone ) and for the client ( only the one who stepped in ).

Blueprint for attaching looks like this:

Placement via Attach To is also mismatched on different peers. If someone enters the car “off-screen” and moves to screen of another player, that player will only see the car without anyone in it.

I’ve already checked the existing vehicle solution ( the one with FPS control ) but it won’t work in my situation because of destruction of players starting pawn and making new after leaving.
I need the pawn to show in the car.