Collision type

I want to set up a collision cone (sphere) that only trigger at specific objects (add ui (press X to interact)) but that do not activate others (like teleport triggers or traps)


Right now I can not set up the sphere to ignore the others actors
How would you proceed?
Can it be told to ignore Triggers?
Can it be done by setting the capsule (Sphere) Collision preset ?



Do not confuse the presets with the actual settings.

eg: if you have an actor of object type “world dynamic”, and then an object that has the object response for “world dynamic” as “ignore”, then it will not pick up the overlap.


  1. set up your actors “Object type” consistently.

  2. set up what trace and object responses are enabled on your actors consistently.

  3. when trying to interact, your trace or sensor object should be of the appropriate object type and have the appropriate responses enabled.

  4. check out the decoumentation: Collision Overview | Unreal Engine Documentation


I forget about the ‘’’‘paradox’’’’ (big quotation there) that i could also play with the triggers that receive the collision event from the player capsule.

Have a good day