Collision triggered too early

The capsule is supposed to be the thing that causes the overlap. When your player starts the overlap, hit F8 ( detach from camera ), and use the collision view mode to see what has caused the overlap. Turn the collision on the offending article off. :slight_smile:


Hi all

For some reason, my collision trigger works, but it happens before the player is touching the collision box.

I have attached an image below, which shows the collision box and the area highlighted with a red pen where my player is when the animation is triggered.

The blueprint code of the Collision Box Blueprint is also attached.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?



alt text

Maybe I need to make the ‘other actor’ be the capsule component of the player, but I’m not sure how to do this.

Thanks for the response!

I tried what you have said, but Player Collision view is not showing me any offending articles. Do you know what else I could try?

Sorry, no idea. You can put a minimal version of the level somewhere and I’ll download it and take a look but that’s about it…

All good, thanks ClockworkOcean.

I found a solution by moving the collision box a bit more forward. It isn’t an optimal solution, but it’s working for now. If I encounter the issue again and I can’t find a work around, I may post here or in a new thread.

Thanks for your help!