Collision Trace Channels dont update on existing objects in world?

1.) I have a simple actor which has a collision box set to a custom collision channel. I use this to do traces from the camera. This works fine, the traces hit.

2.) I added a new collision component in the actor, a capsule, and set it to the same collision channel as the box. Saved and compiled.

3.) When I hit play, none of my traces hit the capsule. However, if I delete the existing copies of this actor in the level, and drag in new copies from the content browser, the traces hit the capsule on the fresh actors and everything works.

Any idea what’s going on here? Hoping it’s user error. Don’t want to have to replace hundreds of actors if I need to make a future change to the collision settings.

Update - So it’s collision channels on meshes aswell. if I change the collision settings on a mesh on the object, this too is not reflected in the instances of the object in world. Delete and replace the actors and the collision starts to work