Collision tests when overlaps are not enabled

We have decided not to enable overlaps in our game because the environment is quite dense and the CPU overhead for the overlaps is substantial. I need to test whether two actors, that previously collided (notified by an


callback) are still either collided or touching. I got excited at

AActor::IsOverlappingActor(AActor *)

but that doesn’t work if overlaps are not enabled. So is there any other way to test if two actors are colliding / touching? Ideally something that finds the minimum distance between the collision volumes!

What about limiting collisions by channel?

I’m pretty sure that if they hit, they can’t be touching after that, they could be right next to each other.

I’d probably setup a custom collision channel and allow for overlapping, if that’s what you actually need instead of blocking collision.

You could check the bounds of each of the actor’s components and see if they overlap, yourself, though.