Collision subparts?

Hi all.

I’m working on a shooting range game, basically my idea besides shoot and destroy some props is to know where bullets hit and give an score for that. you know, like aiming to the center or the edge.
my question is…what’s the best approach to do that? can it be made using multiple UCX_collision_## bodies inside my statical meshes and then somehow detect the specific UCX_collision_## that was shot?
is that possible? how?
or how can I know/detect if the bullet hits the center/middle/edge to give a score?


In your actor bp you could just add some collision volumes + an overlap event. Now when the player hits a special volume, it will give a signal to the overlap event + you can see which part got hit :slight_smile:

Thanks!, in the bp can I add complex collision volumes? or when I create these complex collisions in 3dsMax using UCX_ and then export the FBX, can I still use the overlap event to see wich part got hit? Am I right?

In the bp your are just abel to create basic shaped collision, but when you just want to detect the part of the body/target, this should be enough :wink:
Otherwise do it like that: https://answers.unrealengine/questions/33140/collision-on-different-parts-of-character.html