Collision Skeletal Mesh Question

Hello everybody,

I’m a beginner into UE4.

I make a little project for learning.

I have a problem of collision with my character blueprint and statics meshes.


My character blueprint configuration have a capsule (by default) and a additionnal capsule collision.


settings of capsule by default


and my additional capsule collision


as you see, it is the same collision settings.

in game, I have a static mesh wall, in prone, the head (my additional capsule collision) don’t stop on the static mesh


I would like have an collision as I can enter into the statics meshes


I have try many collision settings blockAll, PhisicsAsset, ragdoll and all other.

But nothing works.


Can you help me Please ?

With static mesh collision, i use complexe collision for use. i would like to know if in a skeletal mesh is it possible to use complexe collision too ?

How do they collision do in a video game ?

I am very sorry for my english, it is not my default language :wink:

Very thank you for all



What is the best way for skeletal mesh collision ?

Only capsule collision ?