Collision Shapes in Character not working

Hi, i dont know what i am missing. I want to add some collision Shapes into my Character BP, but they do not detect anything overlapping.

Attached some Screenshots. Simple Box Collision. Should Handle Overlapping. (I also tried hit result on blocking and setting all to pawn like the capsule Component in the Character still nothing happening)

When i run into a World Static Wall nothing happening (no Print Hello on Screen)

What do i miss here?

All other objects in your world you want that box to collide with also need “generate overlap events” checked, or your event will never fire.

True, i forgot that. I started with Hit Events and failed to check the overlapping events. That works, unfortunatly the HIT Event ist not working, even when i set Hit Events enabled, no Hits are incoming. Is that Capsule the only component generating hit events with Collision?

Only the root component can generate hits AFAIK.