Collision response problem

I used the first person blueprint and imported a fbx with many smalls assets (alltogether they build some interior rooms). When i move the 1.Person inside my building and start the game my person controller is not moving. If i move him outside of the rooms he normally walks around (on a ground). Collision was set to auto-build when importing and the collision response is set to “block all” for every asset of the fbx (floor/roof, doors etc.). If i set it to “Overlapp All” i can walk inside the rooms but its possible to walk trough the walls…

I set the collision complexity to “Use complex collision as simple” for the floor and the walls of my rooms in the edit mode. Collision Type is still “Block All”. Now my character starts sliding above the floor when i jump and doesn’t move trought the walls anymore. So seems to be correct to set the collision to complex. But why does the character slide slowly?

*Issue solved:

i imported the fbx again and combined all those small meshes. Then i changed the whole mesh in the editor to "“Use complex collision as simple”. Works like a charm now :slight_smile: