Collision respnse don`t change on my destructible component.

Hello i been working on this issue for a week now.
And for what ever resson when i try to turn off collision on a Destructable i have in a derived AActor::.
It don`t change and it keeps coliding with everything.

I was thinking that it may be due to the fact that its just a chunk of the the destructable mesh.
So i whent hunting for the solution in the PhysX/APEX API but was not able to find anything for turning of collision.
Turning off collision for the entier mesh whould work fine, but i stile need collision on one a other component USphereComponent::

Here what i think should work.


Thanks for any help.



Anyone have any idea way the component stile have blocking collision activated?
After calling the 3 methods?

Hi WCode,

I’ve assigned a technician to this issue on the Answer Hub. Anyone else in the community feel free to contribute!


Thank you, am realy stuck here :slight_smile: