Collision Rebuilt when editing static meshes

Currently when you edit a static mesh through the edit feature it regenerates collision as “simple box collision”

This even happens when you edit materials or normals, which don’t change the structure of the object.

The problem with generating collision is that it’s not apparent. Meaning that a co worker or another person will edit a mesh in engine, and then the collision will get rebuilt and we won’t find it until we debug systems like the nav mesh and other physics based simulations.

Can it be changed so collision is not regenerated when meshes are edited?

Thanks for pointing that out. We will fix this. As you said, its quite unexpected and disorienting.

Thanks Pierre!

Hey Pierre, This is still happening on the latest version of the engine is there a chance this could be fixed in 4.23? I just had to repackage a build since a collision box was generated that removed the entire nav mesh.


this is marked as fixed internally UE-69606 any chances you can describe the exact steps you are making? Or maby a short video captured with OBS or similar?

We fixed it as soon as you initially reported it (Feb 22nd marked as fixed)

Never mind, I am able to reproduce it here. Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for fixing it again! :slight_smile:

its properly fixed internally now! its going to be in 4.23

Good to hear!