Collision Question

I have a tree:

And I want the tree to fall once all of the destructible parts below it are destroyed:

which I have achieved, but I have an issue where the tree also falls when i shoot a physics object at the tree which I dont want it to do. at the moment the top half of the tree is sort of ‘balancing’ on the base of the tree as i cant figure out a way of turning on and of the physics simulation for a child actor. I loosly followed a short youtube series on how to make chop-downable trees: and modified the blueprint to get the result im currently at.

I’ll use this to try and get my point across: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

This is the current layout of my Tree Blueprint, as you can see the top half (the part that collpses) is a **child actor. **Now I know nothing about child actors, however I use it as a bruteforce method to get this to sort of work.

Anyway, after all that, what im trying to ask is: Is there a way to Turn ON and OFF the physics simulation of a **Child Actor **from within a **Blueprint **containing the child actor?
I understand that you could use global variables to tell the TreeTop blueprint to turn on the physics sim but that would affect ALL trees in the game. if that isnt possible, is there a better way of doing what im trying to achieve?]

Also, is there a way to make it so that actors cant interact with Physics Objects?

if anyone manages to understand this, then I applaud you.

Just checking, you know you can talk to the child actor once you’ve cast to it, like this?:

( I know all the types are wrong, but it’s the idea… )

Of course, but heres my issue, unless im stupid and dont understand what the hell im doing: Casting to the child actor doesn’t give me access to the ‘Set Simulate Physics’ component of the blueprint which is attached to the child actor.


This prevents my connecting the ‘Tree Top’ to the ‘Target’ as it doesnt contain any information about ‘Set Simulate Physics’ due to it being a child actor.


This is inside the child actor, I cant remotely change the physics sim of the ‘collider_Blueprint’ from the child actor.

Hey, your images didn’t make it…

Here are the images in order they should have appeared:

So the child is the collider and you want to set physics on that?

It’s just the same, if it’s a child you can get the child and run any methods it contains. Am I missing something here?

The Child ‘collider_Blueprint’ is the part of the tree that I want to fall over, but what im saying is i dont know how to tell the child actor to turn on the physics simulation as there is no option under the Child Actor component

I think we’re going round in circles here. You have to do a ‘get child actor’ first, then cast it, then you get access to everthing in the child :slight_smile:

When i drag the ChildActorCast into the SetSimulatePhysics, I cant target the child actor

Just so you know, the reason im using a Child Actor component is because I need to access the blueprint inside to spawn 3 logs in place of the child actor. If you know of any better way of doing this it would be a fitting solution to my problem

One last go… You drag the ping from your TreeTop reference and look for GetChildActor, then cast it to collider_blueprint, the you can set physics.

Omg, thank you so much… Im sorry for dragging you through all of this :smiley: I never would have thought of dragging a node from treeTop, Thank you sooo much!

HAHA! :smiley: great.