Collision Question With Actor

I have this ship which is being simulated so It can have buoyancy, and I was wonder if there’s a way to have the player use the complex collision so they could walk on it, and the buoyancy use simple. Thanks in advance

Anyone have any idea if this is possible, or will I have to make a more complex simple collision?

You can experiment with ‘Use Complex as Simple’ and Auto-Convex collision…
I suspect Pro-modelers bring in their own collision for something this detailed…

Edit: I re-read and see that its more complicated than that. Collision channels…
i.e. Clone an invisible 2nd mesh with a different collision-type / channel setup?

I’ll give that a try tomorrow, thanks! I’ll reply with the results.

It seems your idea worked! Thanks for the input

Feel free to provide more details about the specific settings you used etc etc.

It might help others in the ‘same boat’. :stuck_out_tongue: … Anyway, no worries glad to help!

Oh, for details, I duplicated the mesh, disable visibility(On the duplicated one), set collision on the model with buoyancy to not collide with PhysicsBody, Pawns, or Cameras. While the other one model is set to use complex as simple collision, and to collide with all.