Collision pushing against ground

Hi all, wonder if you can advise me

Want to achieve the picture below using collisions but am having trouble with the collision pushing through the floor.

My Current blueprint is this
(Blue - Static Meshs)
(Brown - Collision boxes)
(Red - Direction of rotation)

My blueprint is two static meshes, a box and a paddle, The box has gravity and simulate physics enabled, the paddle is a child of the box and has a child box collision attached to it. In blueprints the local rotation of the paddle increases through tick until it is parallel with the box (3).

If dropped from a height both the box and the paddle are able to collide with the ground. BUT, if placed like in (1) the picture, the paddle hits the floor for a second causing the model to “bump” but then the collision pushes through the floor.

All collision boxes including the floor are block all.

Any ideas why the paddle collides with the floor causing a “bump” but then immediately pushes through it?

Answer - My collision boxes were simply too small