Collision Problems

Hello, I have a game similar to a prop hunt type, where when I click a item it turns my actor into the item. But when I do that it will keep my old actors collision, when I turn off the collision it just ignores the paper sprites collision that I changed it to, but I want to know if there is any way to make the collision smaller, or somehow disable the main actors collision and enable the other sprites collision.

Can you clarify a bit more?

You as the **Player **are clicking an **Item. **The **Player **mesh changes to whatever Item mesh was clicked. Then you want to change the **Player’s **collision to be the same as the Item?

yeah sorry that is what I was trying to say, but me as the little robot clicks on the green item then I want to to change to the exact size and have the exact collision as that object if that makes sense I want to basically switch characters but when I do that the collision and the size is a bit off.

Are you able to move around when you switch to a different mesh? The only reason I ask is because the default Character class has a capsule component that acts as the collision and it overrides the mesh collisions. If you’re just changing the mesh and you don’t need the functionality of the Character class then you can create your own custom pawn that has the mesh as the top level component. That way when you click something and change the mesh, it’ll use whatever that meshe’s collisions are without you having to change anything every time you switch the player to a different mesh.

Depending on how much movement you need, you should be able to just code in the movement you want in your custom pawn class that you create as well (if there is movement in your game). Does that make sense? Let me know if not and I can draw a picture if needed lol :slight_smile:

Alright I understand, I am going to attempt making a new pawn with custom mesh’s I will let you know when I am done thank you so much.

I Created the pawn and added a custom mesh with a paper 2d child, I am pretty sure I did this ok but correct me if I am wrong, I do not know how to add the player movement, because I added basically the same stuff from the 2dplayercharacter, but I cant add the Player movement Component, is there any way to add movement without using this or would I just have to find a work around?