Collision problems with weapons and vehicles


so I’m having issues with collisions in general…

I want for example the vehicle to run down other skeletal meshes or physics actors with "simulate physics enabled.
When I use the “Add Movement Input nodes” I can only run down the SM if I hit them from the side, but never
when coming from a straightforward direction. (it doesn’t matter whether CCD is checked or not.)
The left picture shows the movement setup and the collision settings of the static mesh. The right one shows the
collision settings of the trigger box.

When using the “Add Force” node to move forward, I can run down physics bodies every time and it
looks realistic, but the SM only get hit a little bit like
they are getting nudged, as I am applying Physical Animation with a blend weight of 0.1 onto them.

I’m also having this weird problem when starting my project. The box trigger-component of the vehicle is not there when
starting the project. I need to make some changes in the collision and reset it back the way it was and suddenly
the box appears again. Is that a bug ?

When I hit the SK with a melee weapon they get also hit. But when I shoot them, the
projectiles do nothing. To get that nudging-effect I don’t do any special set ups. It seems to work naturally.
I would like to get a natural reaction to the projectiles, too…
The left picture shows the collision of the projectile, the right one shows the settings of a melee weapon plus
the hit tracing.

(I would also love to know, how to prevent the player character from walking through other SM…when I walk through
the SM, the same happens as hitting them with a melee weapon.)
And it might be also useful to provide you with the collision settings of the enemy AI. the settings of the character are exactly the same.
(left mesh collision, right capsule collision)

I first wanted only to post about the vehicle collisions and really didn’t want to post this many pictures, but these problems probably are related to each other…