Collision problems Forklift Vehicle

Hey guys, i have some problems with my forklift vehicle. The vehicle works fine so far, the only thing im trying to archieve is that the fork will interact with physic and static objects aka collide with them. It works in some ways, but only with breaking other things. I have some bone transform going on also, means the fork is able to move up and down on the Z axis .

So if i set the physicstype to kinematic, and set the constraint to parent dominates, the vehicle is driving and the fork is moving up and down, but the fork doesnt collide with anything
if i set it the fork to default, driving and collision works, but the fork will just drop down so i cant transform the bone, even with gravity turned off.

So im kinda lost here, is it realy that complicated to fix this ? i dont know what else to look for, so i hope i can get some help.

Is also tried to attach a collision box to the bone inside the blueprint, but that doesnt work either.

Hope you can help me with that

I told you in the other topic you had on this.
Socket on the tips of the forklifts, attach a different collision box to it during the begin play event.

You can put any mesh onto the socket, hide it in game, and still use the mesh collision settings which will trigger.

Then, because engine physics are unreliable at best when it comes to moving parts and kinematic, you just script the collision manually so that when those events overlap you counter the engine, or stop movement. Or whatever you need to do.

Maybe you want to check what you collided against for a tag and apply a different reaction for instance - so that you can attach a pallet to the forklift, or cause shelves to fall down… without having to change too much stuff around.

Hey uh, cant remember posting something about a forklift before because its the first time im trying to make one.

I wanted to make a physics based project, so i never thought about doing some events for this myself, but its an option.

Maybe im just going to make everything thats supposed to be static an physicsobject and lock any movement on it, since i currently had only collision problems with my walls.

So thanks for the response sir and sorry if you had to answer me a second time on this :wink: