Collision problem

playing with a example map (3 person), if i activate physics/gravity to a actor or a pawn when i hit play or simulate the object sometimes go across floor, sometimes too many times.

if i traslate with blueprint, “Set * location” the greatest part go across floor.

what i do wrong?


In my experience enabling physics on the player pawn causes all sorts of problems such as luck of controls, weird clipping through other mes I’d be keen to see if there is a way around this.

Do you use a rigid body? -> when yes, then increase the mass

mass 5kg
Here a video

sry for low frame. and nude girl (how to manage cloth go later :stuck_out_tongue: )

I am noob in this world anyways with 2 weeks of EXP, perhaps i miss something basic.


The video is in private mode :wink:

hmm someone can see now???

another example in a first person example

thx both for try.

Today i learn (hard way) what its CCD, too many hours for find out what happened but… well, :confused:

thx to a user in reddit /r/unrealengine

When you use physics simulation, it only looks for collisions each frame, it doesn’t ‘sweep’ the object like our character or projectile movement does. If you have small, fast-moving physics objects, and want to prevent them ‘tunneling’ then CCD (Continuous Collision Detection) is the right thing to use!

yep i read about that, i ignored that concept. (like i say in that thread i noob. )

anyway there few problems, seems not work perfect, but at least now i have a collision when falling.

?v=hhRSfRVD9GY (video with too low framerate)

perhaps in’st good idea Set objet location to trace location.

since i have too much to learn i put aside that problem

Thanks JamesG,

I could not figure out the term when this happens, “tunneling”