Collision problem on landing

I’m pretty new with UE4, in fact this is my first project. The problem is that my pawn collides with an actor (a plane in my case) that has the following collision settings: Overlap all and can character step up: False. With these settings, my pawn doesn’t collide when it moves through the actor, but it collides when it lands over it.
Someone knows why there is a collision for landing but not for moving in the X and Y axis?

Well, if you don’t want them to interact at all, then you could go into the plane details panel and select custom in the collision dropdown. Then you can make the plane ignore all pawns if you wanted to.

Alternately, if you aren’t using physics, I would try turning off physics for one or both of them. Physics causes wonky things with overlaps sometimes.

Thanks, the problem was that the actor was translucent (water) and just bellow there was a static mesh which was empty at the center (a pool), but the simple collision was a box, so the pawn collided with it. Complex collision solved the problem but thank you anyway.