Collision problem after Player Death

Hi, I have a respawn system in which when a Player is killed, it plays an animation and then respawns automatically.

For this not to happen (- YouTube) I have disabled Actor Collision as soon as Player dies.

Problem now is that if a Player is killed In Air, it falls through the floor (- YouTube)

Would it fix it if I disable CapsuleComponent Collision and enable Mesh Collision instead? Or is there a way to make an exception to the floor Mesh and make it override the collision settings?

Here’s how I’ve set it up:


There are several possibilities.

  • You can play with different trace types.
  • Of you can ignore collisions from your dynamic objects (like projectiles) and only filter for static collisions.

What I’d do is to turn the dead player into a ragdoll, once the animation is over.

I think it was answered here.

Thanks I’m gonna check it

So actually it was pretty easy to resolve, I just had to set a Set Collision Response to Channel to Ignore Projectiles while in Death State and then change to Block when the Player respawns:


Now it’s working as intended :slight_smile: