Collision Prims for a house?

Eh all,

Im trying out ue4, and starting out trying to get a house I made in Maya to import with custom collision prims… I can’t seem to get it to work though. I either get no collisions, or one single collision prim that auto-fills all concave areas, making the doorways into it blocked off…

There are no intersections of the prims, named UCX_meshName_01-02-ect, have also tried combining to a single mesh, no luck either way.

Have attached a picture.

Any help would be great. Thanks!

Make sure that you disable “one convex hull per…” in the import settings :slight_smile:

Thanks, but it didn’t do anything :frowning: Still no custom collision prims…

Do you do everything like it is shown in this video? -> :slight_smile:
What happens when you do it like that -> UCX_cube, UCX_cube.001,…

No, but I did find what I WAS DOING wrong. I guess I have to combine any grouped meshes down to a single mesh. IE, my house was made up of several different meshes all together under one group which was using my export name (so group = Old_Lodge), and then outside of the group was my collision prims named correctly.

Sorry about that, and please correct me if I’m still not getting the whole picture, thanks!