Collision performance on Unreal 's dedicated server?

Dear all,

I noticed that Unreal’s dedicated server seems to like handling and deciding most of the replication values. However, collision in multi-players games are always a hog-up on server’s cpu usage. To counter this, I’ve always been a fan of having local machines check for their own collide positions (with some minor problems). SO, I’m deciding weather I should keep doing it my own way or conform to the standard way of having Unreal’s server deciding everything.

Without any further ado, here’s some facts that I world like to know:

  1. How efficient is Unreal 's dedicated server on detecting simple/complex collisions. Any number would be really welcome here.

  2. What kind of typical dedicated server do we need to host a 1000 ccu of shooter demo?

If anyone could help me fill in the void I would really appreciate it. I’m sure other people might want to know these answers too.

My thanks in advance.

ps. Sorry I had the same topic in Content creation, but it sees like it was a wrong place and I couldn’t delete it…

While I can’t answer your questions in specific, it’s a bad idea to handle collision on the client - this opens the game up to a point that it can be abused. I’ve had 5 people total in a server, and did not see a huge spike in CPU usage.

With one caveat: If you’re making a co-op only game (i.e., no competition) physics on the client is a great idea and opens some stuff you can’t otherwise do.