Collision performance on Unreal 's dedicated server?

Dear all,

I noticed that Unreal’s dedicated server seems to like handling and deciding most of the replication values. However, collision in multi-players games are always a hog-up on server’s cpu usage. To counter this, I’ve always been a fan of having local machines check for their own collide positions (with some minor problems). SO, I’m deciding weather I should keep doing it my own way or conform to the standard way of having Unreal’s server deciding everything.

Without any further ado, here’s some facts that I world like to know:

  1. How efficient is Unreal 's dedicated server on detecting simple/complex collisions. Any number would be really welcome here.

  2. What kind of typical dedicated server do we need to host a 1000 ccu of shooter demo?

If anyone could help me fill in the void I would really appreciate it. I’m sure other people might want to know these answers too.

My thanks in advance.

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collisions dunno but i want them server to avoid exploits.

2 and 3 not clear but i guess ur asking head count to crunch power. No one or no engine can give you load balancing specifics its going to be different for each server specs. So trial and error it a bit.

Sorry not what u wanted to know

i would like to know as well