Collision overlapping issues

When my character is overlapping my blueprint class, it is setting a Boolean to true which is allowing and disallowing input action for the letter E.I#This works 70ish % of the time the times it doesn’t work I have to exit the collision box multiple times until eventually it registers the input action… I’m not sure what this is happening. It clearly works as it works 70% of the time but after I print string it to see if it is overlapping, it says it is overlapping and ending overlap simultaneously multiple times… anyone know if there is a bug for collision or is there a setting somewhere to stop this happening as it is somewhere getting confused.

HI! - yes, the thing is the overlapping isn’t a ‘clean’ thing. It happens and un-happens many times per second, so you have to code to cope with that.

Basically, you do this with a DoOnce node. Here’s some code I just randomly looked up:

You can see I had a problem with the ‘close door’ code firing more than once, so I locked it with a DoOnce ( note the reset pin isn’t used, because this door closes, and that’s it ).

I can’t find a specific example right now, but I certainly have on more than one occasion use a DoOnce on both sides of a timeline to make sure it fires cleanly, and the reset pin is only used once the timeline has completed.