Collision or Physic problem

Hello, i have a big problem, i’m work on a build game project, i want purpose a " realistic " gameplay who build, whit phsyic collision, for that, i use a sweep, i spawn a bloc’s name " pipo " in my case on location of my camera, after thath i use the sweep for move my object to my impact poin of linetrace, but he have a space between " pipo " and the other surface … according the case the wird space is not constant … " Pipo " is a simple actor, my collision is simple and fit exactly the mesh … i d’ont understand, i have try whit a projectil component and the result is same … someone can help me ?

Here, the video for see exactly the problem : Collision precision bad - YouTube

And the screenshot of my code and collision !

Sorry for my bad english haha !
Thx <3

Nothing connected and you wan see the preset of the collision .

And in green the collison of my mesh

Hi man ,
Its really not clear what you want.
Make simpler sentences

If you want that the cube fall on the ground — you have to enable the physics !
If you want to remove that littl space between the cubes — tweak the impact point of linetrace

my block spawn on my head and move to my impact point of the line trace whit a sweep, for the physic why not for the z axis but for the other axis is complicated no ? But i don’t see what you mean when you speak of " tweak ", the linetrace give me a impact point of the center of my screen, how can i tweak the impact point ? thx :wink:

Anyway, for adjust the space between the block, i would need the exact size of space but he is not constant …

Is the origin of your cube at the center of the forward facing face?

My bad ! I thought that the first SetActor transforms make the sweep … a big thank-you!