Collision on specific meshes possible?

Hey i have a tree and just want that trunk has a collision
is this possible to make in UE?
if yes how can i do this?

thanks in advance

sorry for my bad english

Hey ,

You can add collision to whole Mesh in UE4 by opening Static Mesh editor, going to Collision menu, and selecting one of options there. If you’re looking to only apply collision to a specific part of mesh, however, you will need to either create a custom collision box in your editing program and importing it with mesh, or you will need to create one as a Blueprint component.

To do latter, simply create a new Actor Blueprint. Use tree’s mesh as root (or a Scene Component as root and Static Mesh as child. Then add a Box Component and center it around your tree trunk. Make it as tall and thin as is appropriate for mesh. In Details panel, scroll down to Collision section. Under Collision Presets, select Block All. Altogether, it should look something like this:

Make sure that your tree’s mesh doesn’t have collision enabled on it. Now place Blueprint where you want tree to appear in your level, and your player should be blocked only by Box Component.

Hope that helps!

can i also use blueprint in foliage mode?

Unfortunately no, Foliage tool does not accept Blueprints. If you want to use this with Foliage tool, you’ll need to create custom collision in your external modelling program that only encompasses trunk of your tree mesh.

I was just informed by our developers that in upcoming 4.3, you’ll be able to modify simple collision on your meshes. So soon you can use same process described above except on your Static Mesh’s base collision AND be able to use it in Foliage system! Pretty exciting! I don’t have a date yet on 4.3 but it should be coming out sometime soon.

Did this ever happen? I’m using 4.9 here and I am not seeing this option.

In Static Mesh editor, you can add collision as normal. While collision is selected in Viewport, use Scale tool to adjust size of collision. You can add more collision and modify each one with this method to create custom collision shapes, if required.