Collision on post process volume?


Is there any way to set up a collision on a post process volume. I need this, so I can make logic, when the character enters a certain post process volume I can access the settings of that post process volume that the character is in.


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Hey numsi,

you can create an empty actor with a boxcollision.
The boxCollision should have a post process Component as a Child.

Now you can just implement your logic in this actor :slight_smile:

Here my steps:

Create Empty Actor

Create Blueprint out of this Actor

Attaching BoxCollision as RootComponent

Attaching PostProcessComponent to BoxCollision

Adding PostProcess Effect to PPComponent

Now every time your character steps into the volume of the BoxCollision the PostProcessing affects your camera :slight_smile:

Good luck and have fun :wink:

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This is great! Thank you so much!

No problem :wink: