Collision object from maya

im trying to import a collision object into unreal but its not registering that there is one but idk what im doing wrong … in maya i took my model and made a low res replica of it for the collision … i named that Level_11 and UCX_Level_11… exported them together with smoothing groups smooth mesh and triangulate all checked and referenced assests content unchecked … then in unreal i imported the fbx with auto generate collision turned on and one convex hull per ucx turned off … when it imports however nothing shows up for the collision , can anyone help me with this ? … ( for some reason could it be that u can not create a collision object using the main models geometry and have to create one from scratch from a primitive ?)

All collision geometry that comes from Maya needs to be a primitive type cube, must remain rectilinear- i.e you can move faces and verts, but they have to be planer and you cannot rotate the cube. You need to name it the same as the model.


Make sure you have no open faces on your UCX mesh. I’ve been doing modular meshes and I keep forgetting to close up the holes in the collision mesh, which results in it not importing. I hope this helps!

i seemed to do all of that but nothing shows up for the collision object … is there a poly count limit to how high the collision object mesh can be (maybe thats the reason?) ?

Turn off “auto generate collision”, after that it should work () :slight_smile:
When you still have the problem, post a pic of your mesh + collision boxes + information about your mesh (e.g tri count)