Collision not working

Hello all i am having collision errors (its not working), see picture link bellow.

so in the first picture it shows the default scene root and that is colliding but i cannot adjust the size, but this is the only collision box is working.

In the second picture you can see i have added a box collision which doesn’t work, the 3rd picture shows that the static mesh has the convex collision (it didn’t work as a simple one either).

4th pic shows you what is happening

i set all the colsion things to generate hit events and a set it to print hit once a hit event occurs to print hit and this only works for the default scene root(the sphere)

EVERYTHING with collision settings in my game has been set to block all.
This also happens with my other Player and in all maps.

So in conclusion only default scene root collision is working and any other thing i add to collide in the players dont work

Thanks for your time

You need to make the plane mesh the root(drag the plane onto default scene root), thats the only way you can get the collision behavior you want.

That hasn’t helped jacky

Can you post a screenshot of your BP’s Components tab and collision settings please?

Ahh, i thought you were using a Pawn BP instead of Character BP. With characters where there is a capsule component only the capsule component generates collision because it is the root and you cannot change it. If you are making a plane you should consider using a pawn BP and make your own movement logic anyway, since character BP is best for walking characters(reason why it has a character movement component by default.

Also keep in mind that if an object is going to generate dynamic collisions you should set it to BlockAllDynamic, not just BlockAll.

Hey Jacky, is there any workaround for this at all? I’m having the same issue but really need to use a charBP. I need to be able to use both the capsule as the root and a separate box collision as well.

The workaround is, lets say you have a character that is holding a two handed sword, and you dont want this sword to clip through walls and stuff when you are just walking around. You need to make collision checks for the sword and then animate your character’s arms by using IK depending on that collision.

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just testet again and i am getting odd, wrong or no behaviour unless my collision is on the mesh object itself before using it as the static mesh and the static mesh need to be the root component. then it seems to work well.

for others that ends here in their search.