Collision not working when enemy character is stationary?

Essentially, I have a VR player character and an enemy character. I have successfully implemented a knockback functionality if the player character collides with the enemy character. Now, I am trying to implement a check if the motion controllers hit the enemy. I have the collision settings set up the exact same as the player character and it works if the enemy is moving around. However, if the enemy is standing still, then the collision hit event doesn’t fire for the motion controllers. (Running into the enemy with the character body still works though). Does anyone know why this might be happening or how to fix it?

Hi Dtb49,

Try enabling CCD (continuous collision dettection) in collision settings. That may help.

Not quite sure why it works with some actors and not others but, I fixed this by simply adding a check in begin overlap and changed my hand collision to overlap my enemy character. When I detect this I just run the same event I would if I hit the enemy any other way. I think for some reason the Hit event doesn’t fire unless the enemy is moving. Maybe my character had enough mass to move the enemy causing it to run a hit event. I’m not sure but, if you’re having trouble getting it to fire with Hit just try Overlap instead. Worked for me anyway