Collision Not Working Properly (Passing thru object) Cloth APEX

Here’s my max file if anyone is willing to take a look:

It seems like no matter what I do the belt on this character passes thru the leg. I have really been pushing all the settings, but I just cant prevent this. Any help on what I need to do to stop this?
I’m pretty new, but I’ve done the tutorials and such so have a base understanding of things.

(As you can see the belt goes thru the leg)

Still having this issue. Here are some more details on it. The collision works fine at first when I generate it, but once I move the collision or scale it, it stops working completely and is ignored. Anyone know why this would be happening?


Here are some more examples:
Working properly! For some reason moving it did not cause it to break yet.

Now, when rotating the collsion box about 1 degree, and now it no longer registers

Bump… this happens in older versions too, tried maya and 3dsmax 2014. Help…