Collision not working for new mesh

I created a mesh by using some geometry boxes and selecting ‘create static mesh’. However, I can’t seem to get collisions working with the new mesh. I hovered an object with physics over it and it just drops right through. Collision on the mesh is set to block all. When it’s a geometry box, the physics object lands on the box without issue. I assume it is something simple that I overlooked. Any assistance would be appreciated.

You need to add collision. In Scene Outliner right click on static mesh and choose “Edit…” or better select your mesh and press CTRL+E. It will open window, where you can set different types of collisions.

Players and physics simulation collide against the ‘simple collision’ of meshes. You need to open the static mesh in the StaticMesh Editor (as CyXoB says) and either create simple collision for it using the tools there, or use the ‘use complex as simple’ option, which tells the engine to collide against the graphics triangles as the simple collision.

Thanks! I figured I just overlooked something simple like that. It’s a bit of a learning curve but I’m having a blast with this engine.