Collision not showing during simulation for a projectile

Hello everyone,

I am trying to see my collisions during runtime with the console command"show collisions".Unfortunately everything that has a projectileMovement component does not show its collisions .Everything else does.

Thank you.

Hi Roccinio,

Thanks for reporting this issue. I have entered a bug report for collision not being shown on actors spawned during runtime after the Show Collision console command is entered (UE-4795). I will let you know when I see an update on this.

For others also experiencing this issue: the console command will work on already-spawned actors (including projectiles). It is possible to pause Simulation or Play and enter the console command to see the collision on actors after they have been spawned. Please note that entering “show collision” either enables and disables the collision display, so if you enter it once and then enter it again, it will turn the display off and you will need to enter it a third time.

Hey Roccinio,

This has been fixed for 4.6, and newly spawned actors’ collision should appear in the 4.6 Preview when Show Collision is enabled. Thanks again!

Just to let you know this works only for the first projectile that is spawned and not for all instances all the time so it is partially fixed.(4.8 master branch).
If you want to test it yourself just create something that spawns a projectile every couple of seconds.The first (or sometimes the first few) will show collisions but not the rest.


I just tested this in our latest internal build and each spawned projectile consistently shows collision while Show Collision is enabled. My projectile is a simple Actor Blueprint with a Projectile Movement component, a Capsule Component as the root, and a Sprite component.

Is your projectile set up differently? I can’t remember. When is the last time you updated Master?

Two weeks ago.Tomorrow i will update to the latest promoted and i will let you know if i still see it.My setup involves at least 3 more collision boxes inside the bp for various collision checks.
Could you please duplicate that projectile spawner a few dozen of times(with the added boxes and maybe add a random delay so not all of them spawn a projectile at the same time) just in case it only happens with more than one instances?


Ah, nevermind, I see what’s happening now. The Show Collision console command has indeed stopped showing collision on newly spawned actors, so I have reopened the bug report (UE-4795). Additionally, I noticed that the Show Collision option in the Viewport’s Show menu wasn’t showing all collision during Simulate (which is why I didn’t see this at first), so I entered another bug for that (UE-8781). I’ll let you know when these are updated. Thanks!