Collision mesh problem

Hello ,
I’m beginner in UE4 (4.2.0) and I would like to do a complexe collision on an object. But I don’t find the function “Add Box Simplified Collision”. On the official website , the collision tab is like this :

but on my software I have :


So how use this function on my computer ?
thank you in advance (sorry if my english is not well).

Current version is 4.11.

Like @MarkcusD said, But 4.12 is in preview if you are willing to wait for it (which could be ~3 month’s if it takes as long as 4.11)

You can save download bandwidth by choosing only the items that you need when installing a new version.
I would just untick every optional one if it was is only a blueprint project, But you can look at the sizes fore the different things and make a descision.