Collision mesh not importing

I can’t seem to get Unreal to import my collision meshes. I’ve followed the instructions as closely as I can and tried several different iterations based on the tutorials and tips I’ve found. I’m including screenshots of my work.

I’ve noticed that the mesh name for the static mesh is changed to the name of the fbx file when imported, so I tried matching the name of the fbx file to the static mesh and reimporting, but this doesn’t seem to affect it.

The problem is that your mesh is named SM_something
While your collision is named

I’m willing to bet no tutorial told you to do that.

Your collision should be
If you want it to import in.

Additionally, it should really be UBX_SM_something
It’s currently a box more-so than a convex hull.

Also, the groups may alter the naming, so if you keep having issues move the mesh to a file without groups.


Yes, that seems to have fixed it. I was taught in school to always include the prefix of SM for polys. I guess I thought that Unreal would ignore the prefix. Thank you for your time.


And you aren’t the first to fall victim of pesky naming standards.
Just wait till you try LOD exports…

(We generally all use SM even if we haven’t seen the inside of a classroom in 20 years. Good practice and actually also a marketplace publishing requirement).

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